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Chunking down Step 2

Project: Hengqin International Financial Center, Aedas

After following the steps outlined in step 2, I was able to make some modifications in the geometry to represent the project more.

I modified the coordinates of the poly line to represent the model more. I added a rectangle that extrudes to the same height of the mesh formed to represent the form within the mesh (blue group), but I was not able to make it coherent with the rotation of the mesh (which I also modify to have a better representation of the twist in the pink group). I also added a lunch box component to represent the triangular panels (purple group).

However, what I was not able to control is the range of the twist of rectangles along the model. I want the rotation to be concentrated in one segment of the form and not all the form. So I experimented with another version of the work.

I divided the initial poly line into 3 parts by the sub curve component and lofted each component alone. I was able to concentrate the twist in the transitional part between the vertical and horizontal forms. However, the end result was having 3 poly lines acting independently and not following the same starting and ending position.

After trying to resolve this issue I will move forward with the 4 rectangles coming from the top of the vertical tower that can be produced by a catenary that explodes into 4 squares from a certain height of the vertical tower.


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